We Guide
// We Advise

Let's find together what you are looking for

You have a question to ask, a product to audit, a project to be guided, we will be here and glad to answer it!

**A**sk **M**e **A**nything

Ask Me Anything

Need an answer? feel free to ask

Whether you want to validate a technical choice, need a feasibility study before jumping in or benefit from Web3 commercial advice, we’ll study your case to provide you with the right answer.

**Audit** me

Audit me

You've done it but want validation

Quality is a never ending process based on sharing and improvement, so why not let us inspect and check your processes that deserve it, may it be Smart Contracts code or even funds securing.

**Assist** me

Assist me

Breaking through together

Any project might need from slight guidance to tight monitoring, especially when exploring new horizon so we’ll be here to support you throughout this journey.

What we **master**

What we master

Experts? Yes, but on what?

Web3 is like universe: vast, ever changing and expanding so mastering it all is nonsense, but we are proud to already be experienced in EVM Smart Contract implementation, dApp design & creation, funds secured management, community growth and animation, blockchains ecosystem apprehension… and still learning.

Why us

Why us

What makes us different?

Passionate? For sure! Experienced? Please don’t say aged! Complementary backgrounds? Cannot be more! Professional? Just ask LinkedIn! Customer centric? Can’t wait to listen to your requests….